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Gene Legler's My Huggy Bear Gives More Than Just Smiles and Hugs

My Huggy Bear tells the story of a lovable, adventurous bear who, like author Gene Legler, loves to share joy and imagination with everyone. Legler’s own Huggy Bear, who has been passed down through generations to his grandchildren, has reminded him of the love he experienced during his own upbringing.

“When you are a child, there’s nothing better than the reassurance of having someone there for you at all times,” he says. “My father worked two jobs to support all six of us, and my mother was always there for us. Sandy [Legler’s Huggy Bear] was there for me when I took naps and when I went to sleep for the night—keeping company with this little boy who was afraid of the dark.”

Now Legler is giving back. All of the proceeds from My Huggy Bear will go to support his new foundation, Helping Hands and Caring Hearts of America (HHACHOA). Founded in 2015, the HHACHOA exists to promote learning in the community, especially for those less fortunate. The foundation has funded the Prepare 4 Tomorrow Scholarship, which funds high-school seniors coming from low-income backgrounds to pursue their college degrees.

My Huggy Bear’s beautiful illustrations depict a diverse representation of families, allowing children from all backgrounds to relate to this important story,” says Thasunda Brown Duckett, CEO of Chase Auto Finance at JPMorgan Chase. Readers from all backgrounds will find warmth in this adorable story as Huggy Bear romps around and around through revolving doors, climbs up alligator teeth, and whizzes down slides with his friends.

To visit Huggy Bear from your computer, please visit www.MyHuggyBear.Com. To learn more about Legler’s foundation, visit www.HelpingHandsAndCaringHeartsOfAmerica.Com.


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