Good Things Happening at Brown Books

By Brown Books Kids

In case you haven't heard our exciting news, we've been working hard to put together a national network of sales reps to start personally knocking on doors on behalf of our Brown Books authors and their books.  We just finalized the first catalog, which will be going out with a sales force that is triple the size of Simon and Schuster’s. They will be selling in over 34,000 locations per season nationwide: all major bookstores, drug stores, grocery stores, museums, airport book stores, retail club distributors...everywhere people buy books.  We do this just to help our authors…and as you know, our authors own the rights to their books. Here is the link so you can see what the catalog looks like. 

 Brown Books Spring 2019 and Master List

Keep watching!  We are ever-changing, always-growing, and constantly improving to make things better for our authors at Brown Books.  

Milli likes to say, "No grass grows under these feet!"

A Blog in a Blog

By Brown Books Kids

One thing I love about what I do is reading new and different story ideas every day.  On any given day I read about adventures of dogs (many times), axolotls (that's one to look up!), kids doing amazing things, every holiday from Christmas to Halloween, and everything in between!  

Another thing I love is helping people fulfill their lifelong dreams of becoming a published author.  Brown Books is very selective in the manuscripts we choose to publish (there are many we turn down). We want to be sure the book will be one in which we will be proud to have our name on and one that will be marketable for the author.

It was such a surprise to me to have a recent discussion and email with a potential author appear on her blog.  I thought it would be interesting to include a "Blog within a Blog" for this entry.  I think a lot of authors can relate to the vulnerability of sharing their work with others.  I enjoyed helping make someone's day by instilling some postitivity and confidence.  I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true!  

Take a look...


Timing is Everything

By Brown Books Kids

There are a multitude of quotes about timing: "your time will come," "patience is key," and of course, "timing is everything."

Being around for two decades like we have, we've seen many examples of this. The timing might not be right for various reasons when an author first visits us, but they circle back and our doors are always open.

We are delighted and honored to share the news of one such perfect example! Fourteen years ago, a very popular and renowned children's entertainer came to us to publish his children's book. He has been back multiple times over the years. We are proud to say that this week Eddie Coker and author Barbe Turner are joining us at Brown Books Kids to publish a book called The Secret Drawer Club. The book is based on the song

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Maralissa Lou and is a creative and heart-warming chapter book about differences and friendship.

Fourteen years later...the timing is right!

From Once Upon a Time to Brown Books Kids

By Brown Books Kids

What an exciting time to be launching the Brown Books Kids Division! Although this is a new division, we've been publishing children's books, along with many, many other genres over the last two decades. In fact, a children's book was our first!

Once Upon A Time...
Milli Brown, interested in helping families preserve their histories, started Personal Profiles Family Biographies. When people saw she "published" their granddad's book, they started to come to her with their own novel, poetry book or non-fiction book. Milli, always with a can-do attitude, found a way to make this happen.

Her first non-family biography book was Pecos Pete. Pecos Pete is the fun-loving story of a cowboy that had been told by a grandfather over the years. His children wanted to celebrate his big birthday in a special way and bring Pecos Pete to life. Milli helped them do just that. She brought Pecos Pete to life...and Brown

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Books was born as well.


Pecos Pete has been joined by other characters from our much-loved books: Polly of Polly's Pipers, Buster of

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Buster Tells All, Fenella of Fenella: A Fable of a Fairy Afraid to Fly, Dancing Danica, Cinco the Clinic Cat, and so many more. We've got a few in the works we can't wait to see, from The Heart Fairy to A Squirrel Named Shenanigan Boo!

I've been along for the adventure for the past sixteen years and am honored to be put at the helm of this special division. I can't wait to keep seeing what's next. It's always Happily Ever After around here!

Sherry Koven LeVine
The Director of Brown Books Kids, a.k.a. The Director of Happiness


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