1. Do you publish every manuscript that is submitted?

No. We are very selective about the titles we publish. After all, our name is on the book, too! We review each manuscript carefully for quality of writing, marketability, structure, organization, author credentials and competition. If we believe a manuscript has potential, but needs reorganization or substantial editing, we will work closely with the author to develop the project. Click here for additional questions regarding manuscript acceptance and editing.

  1. How long will it take to publish my book?

A book can be published in as little as three months. However, we never recommend rushing. Professional editing, creative interior and cover design, and high-quality printing take time. We will work closely with you to develop a publishing timeline that is both realistic and suits your needs.

  1. What is the proper manuscript format?

The proper manuscript format is:

  • Double-spaced lines
  • 1" - 1 1/2" margins
  • One side of the paper (on standard white)
  • 12 point clean
  • On the first page in the upper left corner, include your name and contact information, including your email and Web address if you have one. Place an approximate word count in the upper right corner. Place the title of your story about halfway down the first page.
  • Center your title; one double space below your title, center your byline.
  • Place a header in the upper right corner of every page of your manuscript except the first. The header should consist of the surname from your byline, one or two important words from the title of your story, and the current page number.
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  1. What is an ISBN and why do I need one?

An ISBN (known as an International Standard Book Number) is a unique identifying number for your book. Basically, you will need this number to enter your book into the marketplace. Every book sold in bookstores throughout the world has its own ISBN, and the ISBN helps to ensure that the books are identified, ordered, and shipped correctly.

  1. How is my book distributed?

Brown Books authors are represented to the book trade by the industry's leading wholesale distributor, Ingram Book Group. Distribution through Ingram opens the door for sales to national and international booksellers, librarians and specialty retailers. Distribution works hand-in-hand with our fulfillment house freeing authors from having to store and mail out books. Our fulfillment management gives authors the much-needed time to focus on creating a market, appear at sales venues, and to sell their books.

Additional BB wholesalers and distributors that are used to get your books into libraries, gift shops, museums, retail establishments, airports, corporations, and much more:

  • Amazon.Com

  • Baker & Taylor Books

  • Blackwell's Book Services

  • Book Marketing Plus

  • Bookazine Co., Inc

  • Brodart Company

  • Follett Library Resources, Inc.

  • Hudson Book Sellers

  • Ingram Book Company

  • Midwest Library Service

  • Quality Books, Inc.

  • The News Group

  • YBP Library Services

    1. How important is it to use a professional graphic artist to design my book's cover?

    The importance of your book's cover cannot be overstated. Your book cover is your sales pitch, and the average book buyer spends only 8 seconds looking at it before making a purchasing decision. At Brown Books, cover development is truly a team effort, involving the editorial staff, public relations department, marketing manager, graphic designers, publisher, production manager and, of course, you.

    1. My book has already been edited. Why should I pay to have it edited again?

    What are your editor's credentials? Has he worked in the book publishing industry, or is he an English teacher, making money on the side? Does he know how to develop a character or scene? Does he understand chapter order and flow? Our editors have college degrees (mostly Ph.D.s) and decades of experience in book publishing. They've edited and/or written best sellers. They have years of experience editing manuscripts, which become books, not newspaper or magazine articles. They are professional book editors. They will make suggestions to help your manuscript be better, clearer and more organized.

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