One of my favorite quotes is, “A journey of a thousand steps begins with a single step.” by Lao Tzu. I never fully appreciated this quote until I began writing stories for a children's book. Writing from my heart and then submitting those pieces of my heart to publishers was the most humbling experience ever. Trying to become a published author takes perseverance, but it also takes blind determination and a very thick skin. I am so glad that I was blessed with all three of those attributes. I believe that God's timing is perfect and that I was led to Brown Books so that my writing career would be made richer and better by the staff there. I am so appreciative of all the knowledge and expertise that Brown Books shares with me. I am hopeful that I will become a better author and our association continues for a very long time.

Marjean Cox, Author of Star Wishes

  It was almost surreal to actually have the book “in hand” - I’m absolutely thrilled with the end product.  I loved working with Sherry Koven Levine and Kathy Penny.  The creative team was awesome - everyone worked really hard to help me through the process for my first publication.  Sherry encouraged me to enter Sashi’s book for the Mom’s Choice Award and we’ve received the Gold award! Sales from my personal website were very strong November-December thanks to Twitter, Facebook, and an ad on Sheltie Nation, and I was able to make a donation of over $300 to Shetland Sheepdog Placement Services of New Jersey just based on just six weeks of orders.  Can’t wait to start the process over again with Sashi Adopts a Brother. Thank you again for everything.

Linda Greiner, Author of Sashi the Scared Little Sheltie

  Dear Sherry: We've had quite a journey since I first contacted you about Sashi's book. Thank you for all you've done to help make my dream come true. Wishing you all the best, Linda

Linda Greiner, Author of Sashi Adopts a Brother

When I walked into the conference room at Brown Books, after only a few minutes of discussion, I realized I was in a room with very smart, confident people far more capable than myself.  Although I originally never intended to go this far, they helped me see the potential of my book through their professionalism, enthusiasm, and kind, supportive ways.  They took me step by step through the publishing process and never once did they pressure me.  At the time of my first visit, I did not know one thing about what it took to publish a book.  They took me by the hand and not only helped me realize my dream, but they have caused me to have the desire to write another book once more. 

My experience with Brown Books from the first meeting in the conference room to the delivery of some of the books to my house has been nothing short of incredible. They were quick to respond to my email messages and would find answers to any question I asked.  With a collaborative effort, they have given me a beautifully bound first class book.

Linda Gilleland, Author of I Love You Baby Deer
  Have been meaning to email you, but I had to come down out of the clouds.  You did an AWESOME - INCREDIBLE job on the book.  I am so impressed.  We were blessed to be teamed up with you.  Can't wait for future ones.

Sherri Watson, Author of Faith in Fay
  The Dallas Public Library coordinates an annual Poetry Competition for children who live in the city of Dallas or attend a Dallas school.  Sixty winning poems are published in a bound anthology for our winners, winning schools, Dallas Public Library branches, etc.  In previous years, Brown Books has been the Library's number one choice for the publication of the anthology.  We have appreciated the quality of work that Brown Books produces and the fantastic customer service we have been given. 

Phyllis Millage, Poetry Competition Coordinator, J. Erik Jonsson Central Library
  Just got home from teaching all day and the books had arrived and oh my...I can't believe it's my book.  You did such an incredible job.  Alex and I were going through one each, page by page and commenting on how beautifully you brought it all together.  So thrilled I can barely stand it...I'm over the moon!

Susannah Cord, Author of Fenella, A Fable of a Fairy Afraid to Fly
  Thank you for helping me turn my book from a good idea into a great one that makes money. Your instructions, suggestions, and directions at every step have been invaluable to my success as an author. You never promised me one thing you did not deliver...but you did deliver far more than you promised.  Now, I sell The Most Special Person from Disney World to Canada, from Massachusetts to Albuquerque and on Amazon.com and at every major book store. 

Michael Johnson, Author of The Most Special Person and Susie, The Whispering Horse
  The flawless professionalism of Brown Books Publishing remains at the highest eschalon.  It is a joy to work with a talented team of this caliber. To see my stories come to life is a wonderful thing and one of the greatest gifts I have every received. 

Stephanie Lisa Tara, Author of Gwynne Fair and Shining; I'll Follow the Moon
  Thank you for all of the splendid work your team has been doing and continues to do for me. This experience has been very rewarding and infinitely more fun than my first publishing experience--thank you for fulfilling my dreams and expectations of what it is like to be a published author. I remember listening to you on that tele seminar all those months ago and listening to your approach to publishing.  It was your attitude and philosophy that prompted me to contact you...and I'm so glad I did!

Lee Edward Fodi, Author and Illustrator of Kendra Kandlestar and the Box of Whispers
  It's hard to believe, but I'm holding a copy of my children's book that was published through you.  It really happened!  I came to Brown Books with an idea for a children's book and thanks to the combined efforts of the team, it is now a reality.

Glo Jenkins Brown, Author of Joey and Max, Buddy Detectives: The Case of the Hit and Run Driver
  It was a pleasure to receive my first Fulfillment check from Brown Books this month. I am very happy with the final product and have received many positive comments.  I have been busy selling the books at local churches and I have already received invitations from several other churches and schools.  And, I've made an initial donation to the non-profit organization that supports the medical clinic in La Ceiba, Honduras, based on initial revenues from the book.  I look forward to continued sales and success. 

Carol Brickell, Author of Cinco the Clinic Cat

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